Resolve to Quit Smoking Pot and Quit it Forever

You can quit smoking pot in just 5 weeks or 5 days without even noticing it. That quitting can be for forever and you did not realized it can be. The secret is all in the mind. The first thing you have to do is tell yourself to stop and resolve to do so. All it takes is a self proposal that you’re going to stop after a certain time, maybe after a whole day of smoking pot and resolved not to smoke the same thing the next day and for the days to come.

Go back to the good life with no complications. Well, it can sometimes be tempting but it is just a matter of being strong and to persevere. When you are resolved to quit something no matter what it is you are going to do it. Think of it as something you really dislike and just need to get away from, say NO to temptation when it creeps in. Think of pot as an old enemy or boyfriend or girlfriend that you are so allergic to get near to. Run away whenever you feel like doing it and do something else instead. Tell your thought “I’m through with you!” Do this every day for 5 weeks consider each day you managed to resist as a sweet victory. A challenge defeated. You will like the feeling and decide to stay with it.

You will eventually be really tired to go back doing it and you just get over the need to want to smoke pot. You’ll realize it makes no difference after all, and the things you do as an option to get away from smoking are as just addictive but better. Then wisdom will dawn on you and you realize that you can quit smoking pot forever.

It is just a matter of persevering. If you really are psychologically dependent and if you really cannot help yourself to stay away, it is best that you seek help. If there’s a will there’s a way!


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